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Many patients who come to see me their first time are not sure what to expect. Some can be informed through other family members who had attended chiropractors before and others through the internet. It is certainly not as intimidating as it may seem but many are still unsure.


Chiropractic itself is best described as treatment of the body involving a short amplitude high velocity thrust of a joint to affect neurological change. The procedure has been proven through numerous clinical trials to be safe and effective for the young and old alike. Chiropractors can also use physical therapy electrical modalities like ultrasound and electrostim to help to rehabilitate patients so treatment can be more than just ‘hands on’. Finally, exercise programs recommended by a chiropractor will help a patient to maintain their optimal spinal function and keep them out of pain.

Chiropractic has always been of the largest and most popular health care professions in North America and Canada in particular, treating millions of people each year through safe, effective and drugless alternative therapy procedures.

Chiropractors are fully licensed regulated professionals, extensively trained in a post university 4 year program involving hours of practical and theoretical schooling. Following graduation, prospective chiropractors must pass grueling certification examinations at both the national and provincial levels before they can officially practice.

Ongoing graduate level education for the chiropractic practitioner is also a requirement for years to come.

Different chiropractic techniques also exist with the most common being ‘Diversified’. Other popular techniques include ‘Activator’, ‘Gonstead’ and ‘Thompson’ but there are still many others as well. It may be worthwhile to consult with the chiropractic office as to the techniques used before you head in for your appointment so you can be a bit more prepared for what to expect.

While there are a lot of choices when it comes to chiropractic treatment, the best experience is by simply booking an appointment and speaking directly to a chiropractic practitioner! Most workplace insurance policies cover chiropractic treatment and your practitioner will even be able to bill the insurance directly, making the whole appointment easy on your pocket. So, make your appointment today and start living your life in a healthy, natural and painfree way!


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